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How I Work

If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of how therapy works, I've prepared this brief summary of my approach to psychotherapy. If any questions come up for you as you read this, please don't hesitate to ask me for further information.

My practice is an integrated strengths-based approach that includes cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic techniques. By identifying and building upon our strengths, we can find ways to untie the knots that appear in our lives. Often, we hold our motivations and values deep within our psyche, and we don't always fully understand them. They are discoverable, though, which can be a goal of therapy. As a result we can learn ways to behave that are consistent with a new understanding of self, and that make us feel better, since our emotions are tightly connected to our thoughts and behaviors. We can learn what we value most, how we make meaning of life, and how we can move forward.

My philosophy is that each of us is on a personal journey in life, which involves identifying (and in some cases, uncovering) our greatest gifts; learning to utilize them and to remove the obstacles that block their manifestation; and moving toward greater peace and a sense of joy, connectedness, and being of service to those around us. It is an ongoing process, rather than an episodic series of discrete events. Therefore, learning to manage stress or anxiety, deconstructing perfectionism, and opening one's heart to the experience of oneself and others, are all processes that facilitate the primary goal of living a good life.

Each client has different needs, talents, interests. Therefore, I tailor my approach on an individual basis. We will work together in the way that suits you best, always guided by sound therapeutic principles.

I offer secure online services through a confidential and HIPAA-compliant online virtual office. We can meet for video sessions, chat with the keyboard, or have our session on the telephone. My virtual office is able to safeguard your personal health information in a way that Skype and regular texting and email services cannot do. Please go to the Secure Client Log In page on the navigation bar to learn more about these possibilities.




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