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Hours and Rates

Office Hours:

Appointments for a 50-minute session can be scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 9:00 am and the last appointment of the day is at 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard or Daylight Time). The other days are reserved for my coaching clients, for writing, and for consultation work. If you have special requirements that fall outside these days and times, please let me know and we will try to accommodate your schedule.


Individual Counseling, 50-minute session, $200

Couple Counseling, 50-minute session, $250

Additional Services:

Document preparation for court or other legal matters, $200/hour

Appearance on client's behalf for legal matters, either in attorney's office or court, $500/hour

Fees for other consulting services will be determined as required.



Payment is due either in advance or at the time of your appointment. I do not create invoices.

Cash, check, debit cards, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment. You may pay online by navigating to the
Make a Payment page.


I will provide you with a bi-monthly statement showing dates of counseling sessions and the amount you paid for services each month which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for services by out-of-network providers.

Please be aware that insurance companies require psychotherapists to provide a DSM diagnostic code (psychiatric diagnosis) as well as a services code (psychotherapy session) in order to reimburse you. Your records with me are completely confidential in my care in my office. Once they leave my office, however, on a statement outlining services provided, psychiatric diagnosis, and services code as required by your insurance company, please consider the fact that there is no guarantee of confidentiality regarding this information when your insurance company receives your statement requesting reimbursement. If this is a concern to you, you might want to pay for counseling services without going through your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, and you have not notified me at least 72 hours in advance, you will be responsible for the full cost of the session. You will be asked to sign a form indicating that you understand this policy and that you intend to comply with it. It is important that I have this notice so that I can make arrangements to offer your appointment time to another client.