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For Writers and Other Creative Artists

Creativity is at the core of my practice. Working with gifted individuals involves working with the manifestations of the creative imagination across all disciplines.

Some of the clients I see come to me because of problems related to the creative process. Sometimes they call it writer's block. Sometimes they say, "I have the idea but it won't come out onto the canvas." We work together to determine the underlying causes of distress, often by setting aside the identified problems themselves and looking at their underpinnings.

We uproot issues related to perfectionism. We challenge fears and internalized critical voices. We work together to create ritual surrounding the creative process that facilitates and potentiates expression.

If you are a creative artist facing a block, or if you feel your creative urges are swirling around within you in a fog with no release, please come in for a visit.

I have always painted and I am an avid photographer. I am at work on two books at the present time, and have had one novel published. I understand the fragility of inspiration and the tenderness of a new idea.

I would be happy to work with you on issues related to your art.