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Articles I Have Written

The following links will take you to articles I have written that are posted elsewhere on the internet:

Identifying the Partner of Someone Who May Be Autistic: They’re Usually Misdiagnosed

How to Deal with Loneliness in a Relationship when One Partner is Autistic

Is It Still Gaslighting If My Partner Has Asperger's?

When Therapists Behave Unethically

The Problem with Sarcasm

How An Evaluation for Autism Can Reduce Anxiety in Your Relationship

Coming of Age in Divisive Times: The Power of Fantasy and the Arts

When There Is No Getting Away: The Grief of Sibling Bullying

Learning To Trust Again After Gaslighting

The Blameless Victim: Scapegoating in Dysfunctional Families

What Do You Really Mean When You Call Someone a Narcissist?

How Envy DIffers from Jealousy and What We Can Learn from It

He Didn't Mean It That Way! He's Autistic

Three Things You Can Do for Yourself in an Asperger/ASD Marriage

When You Suspect a Parent May Be on the Autism Spectrum

Before You Blow Up Your ASD Marriage, Read This

Married with Undiagnosed ASD: Why Women who Leave Lose Twice

Anxiety in the Asperger's/Autism Marriage: It Cuts Both Ways

How Learning about Child Development Can Improve Your Parenting

Intellectual Giftedness at War with Itself: All I Want is a Good Night's Sleep

On Being Gifted and Talented  (This is a page from my website that was published as a separate article on the website HighAbility.org)

Asperger's Syndrome and Emotional Intelligence

Asperger's Syndrome and the Illusion of Friendship

The Perils of Online Testing for Asperger's

Asperger's Syndrome: What Is Theory of Mind?

When Adolescent Giftedness and High-Functioning Autism Converge

What if My Husband and Child Both Have High-Functioning Autism?


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