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Autism Spectrum | Asperger Syndrome Consulting to Business

Did you know that estimates are as high as 60% for incidence of AS in the Information Technology workforce? Yet in some of our largest tech companies, these skilled and talented individuals are often sidelined or let go. Sometimes, they choose to leave their employment due to issues related to autism and understanding the corporate culture that defines the work environment. With appropriate support, these individuals can thrive and become highly productive employees.

I offer consulting and education services to businesses both small and very large in order to help build communication bridges between the neurotypical employees and those who have signs or diagnosis of AS. This includes helping everyone understand what the world looks like from the other side. This understanding leads to a clear method of expressing expectations, managing teamwork and team building, establishing priorities and the order of operations on projects, learning about sensitivities and how to avoid aggravations, and establishing means of identifiying and correcting potential conflicts before they interfere with the flow of work and peace in the work environment.

If you are interested in talking to me about consulting with your company, please let me know. After our initial conversation, we will work together to perform a needs assessment particular to your workplace and its considerations. Then we will decide, based on your needs and your budget, how I can be most helpful to you. 

My services range from informational presentations to two- or three-day onsite workshops, often repeated at intervals, which allow us to evaluate progress and create successful means of communication within your company, its teams, and among various teams.