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About Online Counseling

Online counseling is the growing edge of psychotherapy services. I use a video platform designed specifically for telemedicine, which safeguards your personal information in a way that other popular video platforms such as Skype or FaceTime cannot. Everything we do is confidential and all my records are encrypted electronically.

Once we have scheduled an appointment, you can join our online session through the Log In for Your Online Session page on my website. No download is required for your laptop or desktop. An app provides access for any other device, such as a smart phone or tablet.

You are able to schedule an appointment without having to add driving time to your busy schedule. You can log on from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you may be, as long as you have a internet access. 

For couples, you can choose to share a screen, or we can meet with split screens if you are in two separate locations. This also is very simple to do.

Another strong advantage to working online is that it makes my services available to anyone living in the state of Washington, where I am licensed to practice as a psychotherapist. No longer is it necessary to live within driving distance of Seattle.

I have been working with individuals and couples online for several years and they all report that for them it is therapeutically the same as coming into the office, and meeting online is much easier because it requires less time out of their busy days. From my point of view, it is equally effective as an in-person session.

Online counseling is not appropriate for individuals with significant psychiatric issues because I would not be able to provide emergency support for a mental health crisis if we are not in the same city.

If you have any questions about how online counseling works, please send me an email. I am happy to respond.

I also have a teaching website called The Neurodiverse Couple, where you can explore current courses as well as read about upcoming additions. I am always adding new material. Most courses are the equivalent of three sessions and run approximately three hours. You will have permanent access once you enroll in a course, so you can review the material at your own pace and revisit it at any time.  If you'd like to see previews of the courses, they're available on my YouTube Channel for The Neurodiverse Couple.


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